Kristiina Põllu
Owner-Manager, Designer and Bookbinder
I am a set designer (scenographer) by profession, graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Over the past ten years, I have been creating set and costume designs as a freelancer mainly at Tartu New Theatre. Previously, I held the position of Chief Stenographer at Vanemuise Theatre and Endla Theatre. I was led to the interest and art of bookbinding by my love of beautiful notebooks and enjoyment of making things by hand, something that does not often occur in my job at the theatre.

Anu Kookla
Bookbinder, Designer and Marketer
I am a design student who not only loves to read books, but also enjoys binding them. In the spring of 2017, I gained some work experience at Tüümian Studio. As I have always been fascinated by bookbinding, it is no wonder that an ongoing collaboration grew out of these two weeks of practical work experience.

Ivar Põllu
I have always had a soft spot for notebooks. An opportunity to create inspired and original notebook designs has made life worth living.